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Valguero is a beautiful and relatively calm map. It is the original home of the deinonychus, wonderful feathered raptors some people consider overpowered. There are many exciting places to build no matter your preference of zones, with a lot of nice big open flat areas that make building a breeze. Under the red obelisk you have the redwoods biome full of Thylacoleo and other creatures waiting to jump on you. Blue obelisk has the snow biome where the Frost Wyverns, Polar Bear and ice golems roam. Green obelisk has the forest and swamp area where the Kaprosuchus will jump-scare and take you away. Think of Valguero as the scene from Shrek when Shrek is explaining how ogres have layers because that is Valguero in a nutshell, the main open world above, the underground aberrant area with radiation zones and glowing creatures, and the secret entrances into a deep terrifying ocean full of death and dangers.

This map was developed by players and adapted by Wildcard, making it free to play.

Community Center Coordinates - 55.2 Lat / 39.6 Long

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