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PC Server Rates and Information



Public Transportation

Teleporters are auto unlocked enabling players to use the teleporters placed around the maps to easily travel between Obelisks, areas of interest, player bases and the Community Centers.

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Admin Shop & Auctions

Although we don't offer everthing under the sun in the Admin Shop, we do have some basic tames and items to get you started on your journey. Items can be purchased from the Admin Shop on Ragnarok by pressing F2 in-game to open the shop UI. The shop is limited to encourage player trades, so if you can't find what you're looking for try the trading forum on discord or the Auction House.


Community Centers

To assist all players there is a "CC" on each map, complete with a hatchery, replicator, crafting benches and teleporter to help new players get started. Dino and item donation vaults are also located here for new players.

Each CC also has a Auction House area where you can check out the current ongoing auctions, make bids, or create your own Auction for items, dinos, and fertilized eggs.


Custom Currency

The Dreyma cluster uses 'MX-E Coins' as the primary server currency, which can be found in-game in drops, wilds, and boss fights to name a few and through discord from promoting Dreyma, voting for our server on, and in-game/discord events. These coins can be used to purchase items from the Admin Shop as well as player for player trading.


Mods & Add-Ons

We offer a unique set of customized mods to allow for more variety of wild creatures and enhance several aspects of gameplay, while still keeping true to the intended survival aspects of the game.

Our creature mods consist of KBD, Paleo, Ark Additions, & Shiny Dinos. Our other mods include Dino Storage v2, Auction House, Poker, Super Structures, Awesome Spyglass/TPs, Upgrade Station and a few cosmetic building mods. Check out our main cluster's mod collection here and our Gunsmoke mod collection here.

Events and Contests

Join in on server contests and giveaways in the Dreyma discord as well as many different in-game events to earn MX-E coins, in-game loot and other special prizes.

We also send out alerts for in game events and contests which may included crucial information for participants. 

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Character Rates

- x2 Player XP

- x4 Harvesting

- x4 Slower Player Food/Water Drain - x2 Slower Stamina Drain

- x2 Health Regeneration

- x4 Hair Growth

- x2 Oxygen Swim Speed

- x2 Craft XP

- x2 Kill XP

- x2 Special XP

- x2 Generic XP

- x2 Harvest XP

- x2 Custom Recipe Skill

World Rates

- x2 Faster Resource Respawn

- x5 Raft/Platform Saddle Build Limit

- x6 Fishing Loot Quality

- x2 Crop Growth

- x2 Slower Crop Decay

- x2 Custom Recipe Effectiveness

- x5 Official Difficulty Override

- Custom Stack Sizes

- Unlimited Structure Pickup

- No Tribe Member Limit

- Friendly Fire Enabled

- 30 Days Ark Data Uploads

- Aberration/Genesis Flyers Enabled

Dino Rates

- x8 Taming

- x2.5 Wild Dino Food Drain

- x90 Hatching

- x40 Maturation

- 20 Minute Imprint Intervals

- 100% Imprints On Every Dino

- x2 Imprinting Stats Multiplier

- x2 Faster Mating

- x35 Faster Mating Intervals 

- x2 Faster Egg Laying Intervals

- Cryosickness Disabled

- Max Level 150 Dino/180 Tek Dino/190 Wyvern/225 Crystal Wyvern

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