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This desert map's name describes itself, Scorched. Sweltering heat and very little water has made this map a favorite for players wanting a challenge. There is a very real danger of heat stroke and dehydration, as well as electrical storms. With a large wyvern scar, your chances of finding wyvern eggs here are heightened, though there are plenty of wyverns to fight while trying to get their eggs. With majority of the map being only desert, it is hard to escape the heat and the dangerous creatures that thrive in this environment. There are plenty of beautiful ruins to explore on this map, and it is definitely worth a look once you have protective gear!


During the Fear Evolved Event, we host lots of events revolving the DodoWyvern and Zombie Wyverns here!

This is the first paid DLC map that wildcard released.


Community Center Coordinates - 49.5 Lat/ 71.5 Long (Near the Green Obelisk).

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