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Genesis 2 is a fairly large map. You spawn in equipped with a gen2 tek suit to make traversing the map on spawn much easier. The right side is referred to as "Eden" is the safer of the two sides. The more North or South you go the more dangerous it gets.


There is four access points to the ocean biome on the eden side, one being the water center in the middle of Eden and also under three large circular structures within the lakes. Usually the ocean is teaming with many alpha sharks. The middle that separates the Rockwell and Eden sides is the "Space" biome with a new resource being available every night at midnight in game time. Beware of the rare but dangerous Voidwyrms that reside there. On the left side of the map is the "Rockwell" biome where the most dangerous dinos reside as well as deadly carnivorous plants. Always best to keep your head on a swivel here because there is danger lurking at every corner. This map has a select few R-Variant dinos for taming.


This is Wildcards final Paid DLC and the endgame story to the Ark story pre Ark 2.


The Dreyma cluster has two Genesis 2 maps, labeled FIRST and SECOND.

Community Center Coordinates - 42.1 Lat / 80.9 Long

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