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Genesis 1 is based in a virtual world with 5 different biomes. The Bog, Volcano, Tundra, Space, and Ocean. The only way to access each biome is by teleporters or using your companion AI H.L.N.A bot to transfer between areas. But do so at your own risk and be prepared on teleport for a fight because you never know whats going to be waiting for you. If dinos weren't enough, each biome also has natural hazards like radiation, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Each biome has unique X Variant Dino spawns that make it worth hunting for them. There are mission minigames spread through out the map that when enough are done you will gain access to the final boss mission through H.L.N.A. But also each mission or fracture you find you will be rewarded with Hexagon points. A currency used at your AI shop for prizes.


Genesis 1 is an official paid DLC from Wildcard.


Community Center Coordinates - 30.7 Lat / 57.1 Long (In the Ocean Biome) 

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