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Crystal Isles is a great map to start on. Plenty of calm areas that are generally easy to explore. There are many open beaches with beautiful Crystal Wyverns that you can hand feed and passively tame when you become an experienced survivor. Stronger and more dangerous wyvern nests are not far off in the desert nearby. The biomes range from gorgeous cherry blossom filled area, to dangerous and unforgiven electric snow. The redwoods can be both serene and turn for the worst pretty quickly. On the east side of the map, there is a cluster of floating islands that can be fun to build on, but you better travel with a flyer at all times or getting back to your camp will be quite the experience.

This map is a player made map adapted by Wildcard and is free to play.

The Dreyma cluster has two Crystal Isles maps, labeled FIRST and SECOND.


Community Center Coordinates - 52.7 Lat / 24.1Long

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